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A digital media professional by day and a ranter by night.

Dear 3rd wave

Well hello 3rd wave,

Been anticipating you with impending dread. Thanks for all the warnings we didn’t heed.

We’re back to WFH (those of us fortunate enough), this time I didn’t even have to get a haircut for it to happen (I had a theory that every time I got a haircut we were sent back to WFH)

Idk how long you plan to stay this time… I hope the vaccinations will make you reconsidering not coming back again.

I didn’t feel the isolation and cooped up feeling the last couple of time you showed up but…

The importance of psychology in marketing is usually lost on us when we planning a campaign, we’re all bogged down in the numbers and market research that we sometimes forget to look at the human truth. We forget to ask why people not customers, but consumers do the things they do, or make the decisions they make.

Most marketing campaigns I’ve seen have played it safe, because logic governs our motive, logic can be explained and proved to a client or their management . As Rory Sutherland says, no one would get’s fired for being logical.

A seemingly illogical…

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash

The effect and inconveniences that come with a global pandemic on businesses are minuscule in-comparison to what people are still going through, that said brands and organisations (B&Os) have had to face it’s own face share of issues to work with during this time. However B&Os do have a significant amount of resources that can help during a situation like this, by taking care of it’s employees, donations, and adapting to keep servicing their customers are small but vital parts of the overall efforts to keep at least a slightly optimistic outlook.

While each country responded to the pandemic differently…

Photo by Firdouss Ross on Unsplash

Usually, when we think of ending up where we began, we think of failure, of regressing to a previous state. Especially in the context of a career, where you’ve lost everything and have to start from scratch but in my story; ending up where I began my career has a rather different twist.

A year ago I did a complete 360 on my career, and It’s been a year since I joined my workplaces for the second time. Making it a total of almost 7 years in the same company, not counting the four-month vacuum in my CV.

Last year…

It’s one one of those days…

Feels like shit despite not having any warranted reasons to feel like this.

The voices in your head are yelling “Get it over with”…

It’s been three months since things have been normal.

Three months since Tiger King and sports.

Three months since celebrities had tone-deft breakdowns in their mansions.

Three months since the only news on our feeds were about flattening the curve and washing your hands.

Three months since people had so much time in their hands they whipped coffee for 30 minutes straight and baked bread every day.

Three months since some of us have been outside of our neighborhood.

Three months since some of us started working at/from home.

Three months since people lost their jobs.

Three months since someone…

What do you do when your roommates girlfriend barges into your dorm room? Panic of course! you don’t wait till you find out why she looks so mad, because you know he’s in trouble, and when he’s in trouble you’re in trouble.

Technically she’s not supposed to be on this floor. You know because of college dorms being segregated and all but the moron has been avoiding her all day which is what is causing this awkward situation I assume. I’ve noticed of course, but asked nothing from him.

“Where is he?” She demanded calmly. Hands on her hips like…

<Generic quote about motivation>

Whatever the quote is I [am 90% certain I] disagree with it!

Everywhere I look on the socials people in lockdown are having creative growth sprouts! My feeds are like the adult version of a 5th-grade talent show no one asked for. People be out here out of either sheer boredom or due to the excess time on their hands are producing art, music, memes, TikToks and all sorts of content in every possible format imaginable and then some!

Now, I know I sound bitter and jealous about my lack of talent, time, or any other…

Humanity has discovered time travel which allows for future-real documentaries. Rendering no need for sci-fi, who needs to fictionalize scientific imagination when you can just beam it (streaming is so last millennia).

We’ve also met other intelligent being during our travels through time and space, intelligence is being graded we discovered and AI-based bio-mechanical beings are considered the most intelligent (level 5)

Humans are level 3 in comparison with a few rare level 4s scattered throughout humanities history. Those who we consider geniuses.

Astrology and Mayer-Briggs personality types have been banned, in fact any type of pseudoscience is banned as…

Rothbourne Rants

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