Somewhere in the distant future…

Humanity has discovered time travel which allows for future-real documentaries. Rendering no need for sci-fi, who needs to fictionalize scientific imagination when you can just beam it (streaming is so last millennia).

We’ve also met other intelligent being during our travels through time and space, intelligence is being graded we discovered and AI-based bio-mechanical beings are considered the most intelligent (level 5)

Humans are level 3 in comparison with a few rare level 4s scattered throughout humanities history. Those who we consider geniuses.

Astrology and Mayer-Briggs personality types have been banned, in fact any type of pseudoscience is banned as we are applying to upgrade humanity to a level 3.5 intelligence.

thanks to knowing the future. Humanity has abandoned the need or want for imagination and replaced it with a curiosity that can now be satiated with a hum of a button.

Art is a dying form of expression, We’re stopped imagining and thereby being creative.

One of the many reasons sci-fi was abandoned; we kept getting so many things wrong all the time it was considered unintelligent and board-line offensive.

Doctor Who was finally canceled because of this, after the Doctor's 3000th regenerations, and is considered alienist now due to its gross misrepresentation of other beings on the show.

Not even The Simpsons could predict the happenings past the late 23rd century.

Medical science has evolved to the level where humanity realizes it’s better to die young than live forever, making “switch off” parties a thing. It’s equal to a birthday party but the opposite. This is now allowed and regulated.

It is neither the geeks nor the jocks that inherent the world, scientists and women took theirs turns being in the for the front of humanity at certain points but the world now belongs to the preteens because they mastered TokTik which is the main medium of communication

A digital media professional by day and a ranter by night.